In what can be a hectic world it is sometimes beneficial to work on a wide range of issues at the same time. This allows us to make quantum leaps within our lives. Personal Breakthrough Sessions are intensive sessions using a wide range of techniques often with an emphasis on NLP. The duration can vary from 4 to 10 hours.

Personal Breakthrough Sessions represent the most advanced form of therapy possible and can be used to resolve a wide range of issues.

How much benefit would it be for you to let go of your problem(s), concerns or fears in one day that will lead you to achieve your dreams and goals in life?

We all realize at sometimes that we are not actually fulfilling our potential or simply living the life we desire. You may have fears, phobias, severe anxiety, or attacks of depression or health problems and you may also have more unwarranted beliefs, for example not being worthy of the one thing we want and so much more that is stopping us achieving our goals in life.

The Personal Breakthrough with Hypnotherapy2Empower is a process especially designed to help you to go beyond any perceived blocks or boundaries which will be stopping you achieving your success, either at work or in personal life. One usually affects the other!

What's the process?

A preliminary telephone conversation or meeting is undertaken to define the overall scope of the Personal Breakthrough Session (PBS). The agreed scope is used to estimate the probable duration of the therapy session or sessions.

During the therapy sessions clinical hypnotherapy is used in combination with eg NLP and Timeline Therapy to effect the greatest level of change possible.

Who would benefit from a Personal Breakthrough Session?

· Those wishing to tackle an ongoing issue that clearly has underlying sub-issues

· Those with a number of issues to resolve

· Those wishing to achieve rapid change in a number of contexts

· Those with a complex timeline or history

The investment in yourself is 45 per hour - you simply pay for the number of hours that you have invested in your future. There is no charge for rest breaks which take place between sections. The original time estimate is used as a cut-off point. At that point you have the choice in terms of whether to proceed further or not. The minimum duration is 4 hours.

How much would that be of value to you, both personally and maybe financially to actually let go of your problem and achieve your desired outcome today?

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