The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is working right now as you are reading this. It is the part of you that is aware of what is going on right now. Choices and decisions are made by the conscious mind. The conscious mind is logical and analytical and it is where we spend most of our time. In actuality the conscious mind accounts for 10% of the overall mind. This part of our mind is for temporary use only, and deals with conscious thought in three basic ways, which consist of the rational/analytical, willpower and temporary memory.


The rational characteristic of the thought process is the aspect of you that must give a reason for why you think or do something. This part is required to give us an incentive or driving force for everything we do. The analytical aspects of the thought process determines a workable solution as to 'how things work' This part of the mind analyses and problem solves by evaluating whatever concern, situation or issue that may arise.

Temporary Memory

The temporary memory is the area where we access information that we are using consciously; we use it everyday to function. It acts as a filter, to protect us from overloading and bombarding us with all the information we have stored in our entire mind. It would be unfeasible to take in a whole lifetime of information at once. Therefore the greatest mass of data is stored in the permanent memory of our subconscious mind as a form of protection.


This is the element of the thought process that gives you direction, choice and goals. However the willpower lacks power and seldom lasts as conscious intent fails and the old behaviour reoccurs.

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