What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state, and one which we pass into and out of many times a day. It is that state we enter when we daydream, meditate or simply spend some time "lost in thought."

We pass through hypnosis going to sleep and again upon awakening. When in the hypnotic state you are usually aware of your surroundings, of what you are doing or saying, and of what is being said to you by the hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is a useful tool for stress relief, relaxation, problem solving and for the introduction of new and positive beliefs about life.

Perhaps the best definition of hypnosis is "a heightened state of focal awareness or absorption". When we use hypnosis, we are inducing what is called a trance-a naturally occurring phenomenon that many people experience frequently. Clinical hypnotherapy uses hypnosis for a therapeutic purpose. It is hypnosis used to improve your life, to remove stumbling blocks or to trace the causes of events.

In our lives, we are most comfortable when we have a feeling of balance, being grounded, a feeling of freedom, a sense of equilibrium.

When we have these feelings - and thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours that support them - we are true to ourselves, authentic, confident.

Some of you may struggle to remember a time when you felt like that; others have let it slip away somehow with the modern stressors of life. The good news is that whatever the reason, you can seek assistance from me to return to that state of balance, or even find it for the very first time. How does that sound?

The emphasis here is very much holistic. Clients present with a vast array of issues and by gently clearing away emotional blockages, releasing emotions from the past etc., cutting free from the old ball and chain so to speak, vitality and balance are restored and clients are programmed to respond and react in a natural and more appropriate way to life's ups and downs than in the past. This is a nurturing environment, where your self-esteem will grow as you continue your journey.

While in hypnosis, you cannot be made to do things you would not normally do. In fact, you can not even be hypnotized against your will. You are always in control of your mind and are aware of what is going on.

* Ask yourself if you are feeling out of balance?

* Are you suffering emotionally or physically?

* Do you suffer from stress and anxiety over a particular behaviour?

* Do you view yourself differently to how you would like to?

* Are the negative things you tell yourself holding you back?

* Would you value being able to talk to someone about your issues confidentially?

* Can you imagine what it would be like to be free of your concerns once and for all?

* Does this already sound like the therapy for you?

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