Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting

Imagine what it would be like to have strong, healthy, natural nails, nails you can admire, nails and hands you are proud of, imagine how much better life would be.... the sad fact is that most nail or hand biters will never get rid of their problem, and they will just go on biting for the rest of their lives. Why?.......because conventional medicine simply cannot help them.

The subconscious

The reason we bite our nails is in the mind and therefore it is the mind that must be treated. Hypnotherapy is the obvious answer because, as we know, it deals directly with the subconscious, the automatic part of the mind which is largely responsible for nail biting, a part we have little control over. In fact, the act of initiating biting the nails is most of the time a subconscious act. At some point you may realise your hand is in your mouth doing the damage but by then its too late. The habit usually starts in childhood and occasionally the nail biting part of the mind acts like a different individual within us, it is often fixated in childhood and, like a child, the more we lecture it to stop, the more it bites. In some cases I may use hypnosis to actually communicate and negotiate with this part in order to get it to totally reverse the damage it is doing.

The session

At first I will ask you to relate the whole story of how the problem started, when and where you bite, why you bite and what you've previously done to try and help matters. During hypnosis a whole variety of special techniques will be applied, suggestions are made to the subconscious that you will no longer bite your nails and that you will always be aware, the instant your hand should come up to your mouth. You are then instructed that you will not wish to damage your nails or hands. In some cases, with prior agreement, I may also use aversion therapy, so that the idea of biting your nails makes you feel sick or revolted or worse.

How many sessions?

Most of our clients respond very quickly, within a session or two, although it may sometimes be necessary to repeat the treatment a few more times.

Incidentally, it is widely known that there are many therapists who insist that their nail biting clients keep coming back week after week, often spending hours analysing childhood experiences or attempting to unravel the reason you started biting your nails in the first place. This approach is totally unnecessary because finally knowing why you started won't help you to stop.

There is no longer any need to put up with this distressing and embarrassing habit when hypnotherapy is now here to help.

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