First Session

In the first session, I will listen to you, ask questions, counsel you, etc. and assess what therapy is going to be the most beneficial for you, while taking an extensive case history.

In essence it is creating an individualized road map for you to achieve your desired goals in the most efficient and effective way.

There is nothing specific you need to do or prepare for your first session. Your therapist is trained to draw all the information necessary from a friendly conversation with you.


and its forms will be explained before you are guided into a wonderfully relaxed state. In hypnosis various techniques may be applied and you will be brought out calmly, easily and comfortably. Often it is the case that hypnosis enjoyable that clients want to stay relaxed and peaceful for much, much longer!!

In the event that more in-depth information is required to facilitate long-lasting results, it will be discussed with you, and may not include formal hypnosis on the first session.

Subsequent Sessions

If you need more than one session, following brief counselling to confirm outcomes from the last session, you are guided into hypnosis once again and various therapeutic techniques may be applied to reach the desired goals.

To discuss whether hypnotherapy could help you, or to make a booking,
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