Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety

Until you have experienced being worked up in a constant state of stress or anxiety you cannot really appreciate how alarming and/or frightening it can be. Anxieties can build up over a period of time, with several unpleasant experiences compounding, making it more and more difficult to cope with current day problems. Where people are overly anxious there is a tendency to habitually over-react to a range of different situations. This over-reaction keeps triggering the bodies stress response which has been commonly referred to as the 'the fight or flight response'. Over a period of time if the body is continually in this state and is not balanced by relaxation (which triggers the body's natural relaxation response), people can experience acute anxiety, panic attacks and chronic stress fatigue.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of not only treating the symptoms of anxiety but also releasing and resolving the stuck emotional residue of those compounding events. As the emotions from the past are released they are replaced by calmer, more relaxed feelings and attitudes. This in turn helps people to have a greater degree of clarity and perspective in their day to day experiences.

The sufferer is usually fully aware of the root cause(s) of upset but this is not always the case. Particularly painful thoughts, feelings and memories may have been pushed under the surface and, if appropriate, hypnosis can be used to investigate, release and resolve such repressed material which otherwise can act like a pressure cooker deep within the mind, causing all kinds of problems of the mind and body.

Hypnotherapy is also an excellent means of helping the mind to automatically cope with future stress much more easily and confidently, whatever the situation. An immediate response to treatment is not at all unusual, often within a couple of sessions. You can be assured of our sympathetic, confidential and professional help to bring relief in the shortest possible time.

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