The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind accounts for 90% of our mind and can be compared to a computer as it stores all the data of all the experiences we have ever had. One of the essential roles of the subconscious mind is that it automatically controls the function of our body; breathing, heart beating, organs etc. The unconscious consists of several parts:

Permanent Memory
This is the section of our memory that stores all of the data of everything we have ever encountered in our lives. All the information is stored and filed away into different compartments that we can access at different stages in our life.

This part of us is essential for our survival, well-being and self preservation. It protects us from some traumatic events we may have experienced, in a form of suppressing them until we are ready emotionally to deal with it. If we didn't have this protective part we would have continuous changes in our core belief system, as we would be taking in different beliefs with all new bits of information, very confusing.

They consist of both good and bad, we usually have a balance of each. We have our everyday habits of brushing our teeth, tying our shoelaces, riding a bike, driving a car. The negative habits are elements of our behaviour that our not serving us and our highest both mentally or physically. These habits usually include eating too much, smoking, drinking, negative thinking and self sabotage.

Emotions portray the essence of who we are. They act as a driving and motivating force. Emotions are mental state that arise spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling: the emotions of joy, sadness, reverence, hate, and love.

The creative Subconscious
The power of the creative subconscious mind is limitless and powerful changes. The very core level of our sub-conscious mind. This the core of our life functions. The part of our mind that controls such basic things as life force, self preservation, maternal/paternal instincts, selfless love, compassion, forgiveness and other base instincts. This area is fortified and strongly guarded by our belief system. Mentally it is the place we store information required for our survival. This goes deeper than just protection. These are the matters of self preservation and perpetuation of the species. Spiritually it is the place of our most sacred beliefs. The core of our perceived absolute truths that we will not compromise under any circumstance. Our permanent "will". The very seat of our "Soul" that guides us for our highest permanent purpose. The seat of our very will to live.

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